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Beverly Hills ASC Ventures delivers high quality urology care spanning from outpatient testing to surgical procedures. We provide the most modern diagnostic services and expert treatments to patients with urinary tract diseases and conditions of the male and female urinary system and male reproductive system.
Beverly Hills ASC Ventures’ urologists are highly skilled specialists who are both physicians and surgeons. Our team is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge to ensure our patients receive the most effective solutions possible. Our urologists are experts in the various aspects of genito-urinary malignancies, urinary obstruction, urinary stone diseases, pediatric urology and male sexual dysfunction.
We offer prostate imaging and biopsy, cryosurgery, and radioactive seed implantation for localized cancers. BHASC also performs urinary tract reconstruction.

Conditions and diseases treated include:

● Cancers
● Male sexual dysfunction
● Urinary incontinence
● Pelvic pain
● Urinary stone disease
● Male infertility
● Prostate disease

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We care about our patients, their comfort, and their long term results. Find out what some had to say about their expereince with Beverly Hills ASC Ventures, LLC.

The team made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I would choose this location over a hospital any day.
- Julie S.